The Sahara Earrings

Inspired by images of the Sahara seeing from the space. Every piece of this modular earring is individual and removable to give you the freedom to play with it and wear it in four different ways.

Part of “Everything is Delicately Connected” our collection inspired by the Universe and the connections that make us one.

Product details

  • Available in Sterling Silver, 18k yellow gold plated brass, white rhodium plated brass and black rhodium plated brass.
  • All pieces are responsibly and ethically made in New York City.
  • Ships within 3 to 15 business days.
  • Made using Jacqueline Barbosa’s proprietary technique.


All three pieces together- 19.1g

Only small stud- 2.9g

Small stud+middle part- 10.4g

Small stud+bottom part- 11.7g


-Small Stud: 1,8cm

-Middle Part: 2,8cm

-Bottom Part: 3,5cm

We are passionate about protecting one of the most biodiverse places on Earth - The Amazon. We are working to tackle complex challenges related to rainforest protection and to inspire change by giving 15% on this Sahara Earrings profits to the Amazon Aid Foundation.

Amazon Aid Foundation educates and activates global citizens to protect the Amazon through art, science, multimedia and film. ‎Their vision is to preserve the Amazon rainforest for the health of the planet and for future generations to enjoy.


  • $600